Marcus Hiles- Even with a huge lead, did not lose the common touch.

Marcus Hiles, a highly successful real-estate developer, who is based in Central Texas. He obtained his bachelor’s d3gree from Rice University and MBA degree from Pepperdine University in California. Born to a inner city minister, Marcus did not have any family fortune that has been passed down to him. He invested all his personal incomes when he started the company and worked day and night for its existence and today it has reached such heights that he is untouchable now.

Real Estate Giant, Marcus Hiles, shows no signs of slowing down. Adding more and more properties every year through his self-made company, Western Rim Property Services. Currently he owns above 7500 properties and homeowner’s associations, with the profit of more than $ 1 billion assets. Hiles found a unique business model than his competitors, which made him more money. He did not involve any third party middleman for managing the properties and are expensive. Hiles instead had Western Rim, do all these managing property stuff all by itself, which include handling rents, finding tenants and even doing maintenance of the property.

Apart from making himself a staple in the real estate world of Texas, he also is making name in the field of philanthropy. Apart from his philanthropy in the world of real estate by making high quality affordable homes by which he gave the middleclass an access to luxury, he also donates for community development programs. He donated for music programs, children programs, women’s shelter, hospitals and many more. Following his father’s footsteps of having goodwill, he keeps giving back to the community. He holds education to be of prime importance and thus invests in k-12 programs and other higher education programs for the future of the country.

Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim Property Services provides Desirable Townhouse Communities.

Western Rim Property Services, focuses only on luxury homes with modern amenities. Not just the luxurious aspect that has made these properties so popular but, most of the units are even below market price. Over that, these properties are situated at the best of locations, in good school districts, and high salary jobs and these are some of the most sought after houses in Texas, that we are talking about. At most of the Town House Communities built by Western Rim, one will find spas, infinity pool, clubhouses, cafes, gyms and much more. And some even has attractive woods and also golf course.

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