Small Businesses Are Helping Top US Cities Thrive Like Never Before

Some of today’s thriving US cities are getting to the top through not only supporting large global corporations but also through their growing network of small businesses. A recent ranking by online resource Biz2Credit highlights this fact as they comprised their annual report for uncovering the best cities in the nation for small businesses in 2019. On the list were those cities familiar to widespread economic success including California’s San Diego and Los Angeles as well as NYC and Boston.

In order to calculate the ranking, the online analyst used its tool BizAnalyzer to uncover the factors behind sustaining a successful business climate that supports and fosters growth. Touching on a collective view of the business environment in each city location, a key category analyzed focused on the cost of doing business. Things like taxes, property costs, permits, etc. all impact the cost of starting and running a business and helped to organize how each location ranked among affordability when compared to other cities in the running.

This baseline information was then analyzed against the overall annual revenues for each location’s small business network in which the report used a combined pool of 30K organizations for running the comparison. These companies were all those that fit into what the SBA defines as small businesses; which in the report’s case narrowed it down to those organizations with 250 or less employees making no more than $10 million in annual revenue that have been operating for at least a year.

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Marcus Hiles On Ways To Cut Carbon Footprint Of Western Rim Communities

Marcus Hiles On Ways To Cut Carbon Footprint Of Western Rim Communities
Marcus Hiles On Ways To Cut Carbon Footprint Of Western Rim Communities

Due to the heavy reliance on gas, electricity, water and disposal of waste, the home is often the largest portion of an individual’s carbon footprint. Marcus Hiles, Western Rim Property Services CEO, recently divulged the process his corporation follows to provide environmentally friendly and energy-efficient living options, and what Western Rim’s tenants can do to further assist in their home.

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